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Canada Luxury Hotels – Choosing the Ideal Hotel!

Posted on April 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

When you visit Canada, you can find many thing do see and do, from small peaceful towns, to modern cities, to the relaxing countryside and to stunning landscapes. Deciding on the ideal luxury hotel of your choice is not difficult to do, depends on where you want to stay and want to do.

British Columbia is the most distinct regions in Canada, with its beautiful natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and wilds, and scenic cities. Most of the top end luxury hotels are situated in Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver Island. The beautiful natural sceneries and culture of British Columbia provides you some wonderful activities, like hiking and skiing. The cities here too have a lot of sights, attractions and activities and at the same time, are very peaceful and pollution-free.

You can discover the urban and the remote in the Ontario, with the exciting city of Toronto, the Niagara wine region, coastal areas and lakes, small rural towns and forest. There are a couple of posh hotels around and over this region, which includes the posh Windsor Arms in Toronto. Ontario has the iconic, stunning Niagara Falls, the very vibrant city of Toronto, as well as some fantastic recreational activities.

To experience culture, a fantastic place is in the Quebec region, where Montreal – a city full off culture and history – is situated. Almost all the top hotels are concentrated in Quebec City and Montreal, like Auberge St-Antoine, W Montreal and many others. The distinct thing about Quebec is Montreal’s sophistication and very open-minded culture, as well as the region’s stunning abundant farmlands, villages and historic places.

To experience Canada’s stunning natural sceneries and beauty, the Atlantic Provinces provides everything. There are only a couple of luxury hotels around these area, like Delta Halifax in Nova Scotia. Labrador and Newfoundland region boast a stunning, rugged coastline as well as unique culture. Nova Scotia has some breathtaking views like those of the Bay of Fundy, Cape Breton trail, and lively culture. New Brunswick takes you nearer to nature, where you can go mountain climbing or take a walk on the beach. On the other hand, Prince Edward Island, has a couple of beautiful sandstone cliffs and fantastic beaches.

For a something totally different, experience in Canada’s wild-west, you can tour the Prairies. There are many luxurious accommodations located in Calgary, Edmonton in Alberta and Winnipeg in Manitoba. While Calgary has many sceneries and attractions, Alberta is a land of fantastic natural beauty, with prairies to the Rocky Mountains. In Manitoba, if you are lucky,you may get a chance to see polar bears, amongst other many exciting activities.